Alexander Beierbach – tenor & soprano saxophone
Nicolas Schulze – piano, fender rhodes piano

The duo TWIRLS features Berlin based saxophonist Alexander Beierbach and pianist Nicolas Schulze from Potsdam. In free and intimate dialogues, the two instrumentalists explore a landscape of sounds and textures, nourished by various musical backgrounds. After meeting in different musical settings over the years, their playing as an improvising duo started in 2018. Since then they established their personal way to interweave a multitude of layers of density and space. In May 2022, the duo recorded their debut Album at Emil-Berliner-Studio Berlin, which will be released in early 2023.

Alexander Beierbach is active in groups such as BROM (with bass player Jan Roder and drummer Christian Marien), in his quartet Absolutely Sweet Marie (dealing with the music of Bob Dylan) or one of the famous Berlin Big Bands, the Hannes Zerbe Jazz Orchestra.

Nicolas Schulze works with the duo The Great Boredom (together with Daniel Kartmann), in the Trio Faustino-Schulze-Grip (with bassist Joel Grip and drummer Rui Faustino), the worldjazz group Ek Safar (with tabla player Soumitra Paul and clarinet player Heiner Stilz) and Nikotrio (feat. Ekkehard Rössle). He is also busy in the feld of composing music for dance theatre.